Refrigerated Logistics

Kerry Logistics offers your business a one stop solution for all your transport and storage needs, including 3PL management of frozen, chilled and ambient box/ parcel and pallet deliveries, import/export consolidation and specialized projects.

Box/Parcel Deliveries

Kerry Logistics is a leader in parcel/box distribution of chilled and frozen products for national companies across Australia. Utilizing an extensive fleet of small to medium size vehicles, we model the business on a cross-dock operation, whereby all stock received day 1 is delivered day 2. Our experienced drivers cover all delivery destinations, including delis, markets, independent supermarkets, food service and retail networks.

  • Consolidate your deliveries via cross-dock operations
  • Save money on storage and delivery
  • Get the benefit of fast-tracked deliveries
  • Trust us to get your product where you need it to be faster, and still fresh

Kerry Logistics can provide a frozen and chiller service for pallets, anywhere in Victoria. With an aligned network nationally, we also offer interstate deliveries to every state Australia. Services include hand unload and country deliveries.

  • Delivering to all states across Australia
  • 100s of drop points delivered to daily
  • 8,000+ packages transferred safely every day

With our state-of-the-art multi-temperature warehouse in Laverton North, we offer our clients a comprehensive range of refrigeration options to meet all of their refrigeration and cold chain needs.

Temperature ranges:

  • Ambient
  • Temperature control (for confectionery and pharmaceuticals)
  • Chilled and frozen
  • All rooms are temperature and security monitored 24/7
  • Pallet racked throughout

Our warehouse represents the latest in temperature control monitoring and Warehouse Management Systems, giving you remote access through our state-of-the-art web portal where you can place and monitor all of your orders. Our scan in/out systems provide accuracy and expediency of your stock, so you can see exactly where it is along the distribution channel.

  • State-of-the-art web portal access allows you to track your product remotely
  • Place your orders and monitor your stock at your convenience
  • Check the status and distribution of your stock in real time
  • Pick pack solutions
  • Relabeling
  • Repackaging
  • Date stamping
  • Rework of boxes and pallets.
  • Thawing

Container Unpacks

With Kerry logistics, you never have to worry. We can unpack or consolidate your import/export containers, and offer the ease, convenience and savings of our in-house customs department. We comply strictly to all WHS standards, and our employees are highly trained and fully licensed to ensure the quality and expert delivery of your product.

  • Consolidate your cargo for simpler distribution
  • Let us manage the shipment from departure to destination
  • Save on import/export costs with our in-house customs department